stannisTo all you daddies .. goddaddies , cat daddies,  ..  grown men that women call their daddy’s , pimps, playas, hustlers, grandpappy’s, stepdaddies, adoptive daddies, and two dad home daddies…. DON’T BE A DICK LIKE THIS GUY … hell most of the Game of Throne dads SUCK… SO .. JUST YEAH.. don’t be this guy .. no Baratheon daddies round hyeah .. O.K.. Enjoy your day fellas.. you are appreciated… Here are a few songs about DADDIES.. ( well i don’t know if Father is a daddy but the fools name is FATHER SO..LOL ) BE THEY GOOD , BAD OR INDIFFERENT…    PEACE!!!


NAS .. SAYS.. “LIFE IS GOOD”.. i heard that..



Read about the whole Nas/ Summer Jam Nick Minaj.. situation.. over here.. we have an opinion about that shit .. but will talk about it a little later.. hahahah..

Mark Ronson, E. BAdu, Mos Def “A La Modeliste”

Yo mama don’t wear no drawers.. I was there when she took em off!!!

I got popped in the mouth one time for that little childhood limerick. Funny though hahaha!!!!

This classic bayou flavored situation comes from the Re: Generation music project. This film will be released February 16th and 23rd ONLY.

You can see members of The Dap Kings, Trombone Shorty and  Zigaboo Modeliste, grab your Cajun Seasoning and get on in here!!!!

The Re: Generation project follows several deejays as they re-work five traditional styles of music.   We will see Dj Premier, Skrillex, The Crystal Method , Pretty Lights and of course Mark Ronson as they retweak everything from traditional Zydeco to classical orchestra.

Nas joins Premo for a classical joint with The Berklee Sympony Orchestra.

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Happy Born Day Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones… You da Man!!

Nasty Nas, Nastrodamus, Nasir,  he is one of the most important, influential  factors in this life we call Hip HOp… He is on my top 5 emcees list ALWAYS!!! Through beefs , conflict,  chipped teeth and Jay Z.. Nas is still standing and in better form than ever.. Nasty Nas is currently preparing for the release of his memoir “It Ain’t Hard to Tell .

This Harper Collins published novel will undoubtedly be spicy as he dishes on marriages with both Carmen Bryant and Kelis and discusses the infamous “jay-z situation”  as well as his beef with Bill O’ Reilly.

“It Ain’t Hard to Tell” will be co-written by popular journalist/host/producer Toure’.

Sounds dope!!!

Behind the scenes of the “Nasty” video.. first single from “Life is Good”.. TAKE IT TO QUEENS NIGGAZ!

Do we have marijuana??? LOL

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I sip the Dom P.. watching Dondi til I’m Charged…

Yup today’s blazin is sponsored by old skool Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones.. who was out for Dead Presidents to represent him….

I used to smoke Phillies back then.. but now I “puff my La La La” in those young Element papers ..the short joints..with a tip .. anddd.. it’s Friday so.. The Mars OG  ..a very top shelf indica.. is complimented and coupled with the Berry Chocolate Kush Cake Balls. both are obtained by The Apothecary 420…. sometimes the herb will be redundant ..but the best is the best so Mars and Jupiter and SkyWalker usually get the job..DONE SON !!! anyway raise your L’s or your joints or pipes lol.. and have a good ass weekend..

Chubbs at Nuggetry even endorsed this shit.. the complaint is that it’s too expensive.. look.. some ladies pay for Louboutins.. I pay for Kush.. hahaha.. that’s the splurge.. I rock Vans.. hahaha..


iT’S  GD video bonanza round chea!!!.. May not be safe for work.. that girl Bria Myles ass is all up and thru LOL… Go on girl LOL!!!!

sidebar: There is a cool Conan the Barbarian joint in the beginning that’s really good.. I hate those damn commercials but dammit when is there not a good time to look at Jason Momoa..LOL..

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Rich and Black.. The Chef and Esco… Let’s Go..


just in time for the summer… this right hyeah is hotter than East Side Asphalt babay…

QueensBridge and Staten Island.. coming together like sweaty ass cheeks in the summer…

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