The Sly, the Slick, Wicked…..The Lost Generation

Watch out Watch out !! HEYY this is for the those on the West Coast ‘LIVIN THAT LIFE’ lol..   This is how we chill  in LA.. on some classic shit!!!  All of our mamas  used to keep this joint on rotation.. a cautionary tale for the lil” soul sistas!!! ..NOw..This here is for the G’s only lol..



BLACK DYNAMITE.. is coming to Adult.Swim YESSS!!

tHIS IS A BAD MUTHA *watch yo mouth*.. Can’t wait…

go here to check it out the FULL  sneak peek.. YOU JIVE TURKEY!!!

here is a lil sumthin though.. SOLID

tHEY said August 8th but it’s the 12th am I sleepin??? LOL.. anyhoo.. REMEMBER.. I used to be A CHILDREN ….. LOL