Obama’s and Herb…

Hell naw.. no government in me sensimillia.. so I for one am happy!!!!! They tax everything as it is already. We dont need em’ taxin the ganja. 
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Can you imagine either going to the dispensaries or local spots( for those with out the proper consent) and you paying to get a gram or an eighth and they throw that 8.25 tax shit on there. Well….if you a major bud head like the banger sisters, you gone be mad as HELL. For me and my fellow stoners it’s already LEGAL. We never have a problem getting what we want when we want it. So again…….I suggest we dont go opening up a can of worms, because do we really want them throwing taxes on the trees we blowin? Just some Herb for thought.

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President Barack Obama on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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For all those who may have missed it, President Obama was on Jay Leno last night. This is the first time ever that we have had a president appear on a late night talk show. That lets you know that our president is pretty much down to earth. I can dig it. In my eyes he’s cool, calm and collected…….oh and lets not forget handsome too. Glad he has a sense of humor as well. Nothing is worse then all the uptight presidents we have had previously. So I just want to say that you ROCK BARACK!!!!!

Obama Comes To California


President Obama will tour Southern California on Wednesday and Thursday, with stops at town hall-style meetings in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa and a visit to ” The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” Obama’s visit is being touted by NBC as the first guest appearance on the show by a sitting president. Obama is expected to discuss the economy and how his administration is dealing with the global meltdown. Continue reading