The Gospel According to The Tabernacle….Silly..

Aah yes the homies Tabernacle MCZ are at again..Born Allah and Panama Redd have come with another smokin situation..from the album, “B-Boy Prophecies: The Life of Himothy” (still available on Itunes)    “Silly” feat. K.I.T.S.  was produced by our loved one Sha-Fiq of Sa-Ra Creative Partners..  Get into it..

SuberbbNess and I have been on thIS song.. We heard this in the studio and went CRAZY… We were just talkin about how the video has that 3Xdope feel to it.. You youngsters don’t know what the hell i am talking about hahaha anyway.. ..Great video too.. VERY PROUD.. !!! Follow Tabernacle Mcz on Tumblr.. and Twitter.. @tabernaclemcz.

If you didn’t catch the West West video.. Take it here

Good luck to our boys.. they are pushing their line hard.. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS.. SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND..and SUPPORT THE TABERNACLE … that is where all the skill went.. ya’ll are missing out.. !!!Now I am gonna walk up out this post like BOOM BOOM BELINDA!!!!