Birkenstocks .. sans the tree to HUG!!!

BIRKENSTOCKS ARE BACK… omg.. and they aren’t your composting , high school biology teacher’s kicks ANYMORE…


birkenstock spike

Birkenstock originals

Yes , the shoe once  reserved for tree huggers and those of the granola and patchouli  ILK have risen from the Acapulco Gold formed ashes like a phoenix and came through to represent … BIRKENSTOCKS ,the most controversial shoe on the planet.. Families and friendships have been divided for decades,  upon debating their ugliness or efficiency as a shoe..

 A few years back I had an awesome pair of Michael Kors metallic pink joints that I wore until they DIED … there was no repairing them .. so I played taps and moved on ( sniff , sniff) .. I still have them though .. JUST TO SAY .. 10 YRS AGO i rocked Birkenstocks BITCHES ( i was in the 2nd or 3rd wave of the return) … IN METALLIC PINK.. observe this.. ok… but I digress.. birkenstocks the loop These cork bottomed arguably attractive beauties have been around since the 60’s.. I promise you that your mom or grandma, (depending on your age) . was pissing in the fields at Woodstock rocking some friggin BIRKIES dude….    and now you can get them any , shape , design, color or fabric….THERE ARE JELLY BIRKENSTOCKS… Sit with that for a quick cute second..


birkenstocks-eva-chen-lead-pic the gloss dot comIn LA, they sell pyramid studded Birkenstocks at THE SLAUSON SWAP MEET .. no really .. THEY HAVE HIT THE HOOD with a fierce fleeky intensity so, whether you are ‘FUCKIN UP SOME COMMAS’ or in the “Age of Aquarius”  the Birkenstock revival is upon us and YES THEY ARE ACTUALLY CUTE … and comfy as shit ..  I can’t front.. I never thought I would see my sistas from around the way slidin out of the mani/pedi situation donning a pair of cork bottomed hippie sandals .. NEVER THOUGHT.. but the day has arrived…    As cute as some of these are there is no WAY you could be apprehensive, so run out and in the VINTAGE WORDS OF BIG SEAN ” go in and get ya some” …..

Birkenstock/ Givenchy



I noticed the low key ,subtle resurgence of this shoe last summer. I saw that they were casually being rocked by quite a few laid back , yoga induced, hipsters but not in an obivous way.. ya know but instead more of , like, on the way to Ashtanga Yoga or your V-Steam appointment or some shit like that … I noticed this spring though that people were rocking these things in places other than Whole Foods or Farmer’s Market.   I was noticing Birkenstocks in prints, floral, outstanding colorways, HIGH end.. Low End…



I MEAN .. they are back…   Everyone from Birkenstock ( THE OG’S) to Givenchy is serving up some type of Birkenstock or “inspired by” sandal… ranging from 15 to several hundred dollars.. for comfort and of course FASHION DAHLIN!!!!… .. OH and it’s also popular to really get throwed and toss on some comfy socks to compliment your joints. I am not sure how long we will have with this trend.. I mean are they here forever LIKE THE REVIVAL OF THE LEGGING, ( throws hands to heavens a la Ruby Dee in Jungle Fever) … or will it be a trend like so many others and fade away after SUMMER OF 2015, as for me… this here is FINALLY .. a fashion trend i can get with I mean how can we not enjoy .  “GO TO THE GROCERY STORE CHIC”… or .. “Mother Stoner Couture” .. LOL… that’s right up my alley …  I am always down to represent for the White Rabbit around this bitch … ( lights joint)       … 😉


birk and socks


The Block is Hot..

womens-platform-pumps-high-heel-chunky-heel-shoes-7da3I recall two years ago while noshing with Darlando Eanon.. on the interwebs that “this platform thing was going to get out of hand”.. His reply was simply “Enjoy the platform and stiletto .. because grandma’s chunk shall return and then you will be SORRY” ..HAHAHA” .. WELP .. (looks around) . your grannies chunky sandal heel is back.. THE FUCK YOU SAY,  you yell .. and I know, i SAID NO , AT FIRST TOO ..but look how cute they all are.. ..  I also know you ghetto bitches will not be releasing your damn “7” PLATFORM “reeed bottom”  stiletto situations..  ANYTIME soon.. so BECAUSE of that I am liable to just jump on board off top AGAIN ( I did it before) with the chunky heel with FERVOR. lol.. .  SHIT i know some of  you sistas that can’t manuever that thin ass stiletto heel should rejoice..blockpinkheel I FOR ONE,  am tired of you bitches walking around here like newborn horses ..teetering..big asses on little snap ass heels..  Here is the answer.. you can go pretty high and at least feel like you have a little more support.. you can do a minimal chunk .. or just go super WIDE it’s your choicE.. You can go flat.. or you can keep it PLATFORM for all you stack heel girl..  I dig it.. .. and you should too.. You don’t have to throw your Pigalle’s away boo.. just GIVE THOSE BITCHES A BREAK .. LOL..

block heels vary

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Footwear… the essentials for 2012

Steve Madden ankle booties

Steve Madden ankle booties (see more lace up boots

Atacoma's from 09

Booties are still what’s up in 2012. You are lucky if still have 09’s wedge lace ups from Acne Atacoma.. those are still bangin even though they are old.. My favorite were the black and metal joints.. the Steve Madden knockoffs were awesome too..

Jessica Buurman offers a wonderful wine lace- up the LADEE going for

Jessica Buurman $199.00

$199.00 a pop, which considering is not as expensive as some of these joints.  New Years has passed but lace up booties and shoes are not going anywhere it seems.  I for one am all for it.

Boots are still the business ladies we got about 2 more months of KNOCKIN BOOTS LEFT lol.. remember to buy classic pairs like riding boots are basic colors so that you can continue to wear them years from now.  Keep the “ON TREND” joints to a minimum because who wants to pay $8003.00 for a boot and the bitch can only be worn that season LOL.. For real.. I don’t believe I have seen any of you sistas pull out that damn Manolo Blahnik Timberland that was all the rage a few years back.. EVEN THOUGH .. they would still work . More Shoe Magic after the Kut!!!

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These are awesome..although a sista might have to place them in the etagere lol.. yes i am country we have one LOL.. These are too damn high to be skating around in. I love Keith Haring.. he was the consumate artist.. I have a huge (print lol) of Free South Africa in the office. I really love how the Fashion Houses are keeping him noteworthy.. Allow Nicholas Kirkwood to step in. You have seen his shoes on Nicki Minaj, Beyonce’ , Rachel Zoe, and Foxy swears she stays in em. (however per that last shoot in the WonderBra i might beg to differ lol).. They are funky and the heel is quite recognizable from 4 blocks away lol.


Thanks to the folks at for this little Nugget of info.. Check them out.. I stay there daily lol…

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I Want Candy…

yes as you know here at Bamboobanga420 we love the kicks.. be they six inch or laced up we are some real shoe whores lol.. This summer we welcomed the triumphant return of the Classic Retro II’s featured in an attractive candy pack.  Yellow, Green , and Red ooooweeee.  These are to be released at the beginning of October… Hurry up and get a scoop before there gone.. If you wanna cop these good luck but start your quest here

25th Anniversary Specials


Style: 395709-301
Color: Classic Green/White-Black
Release Date: 10/30/2010

Style: 395709-601
Color: Varsity Red/White-Black
Release Date: 10/30/2010

Style: 395709-701
Color: Del Sol/White-Black
Release Date: 10/30/2010

We rock all flava Wally’s

like Tony Starks lol.. these are the business .. Don’t sleep on Chinese Laundry..

this play on the classic Wallabee has been reworked for the ladies and I must say.. Brava… they will especially be buttery in the Fall..

a little over $100

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Whoa Whoa Whoa keemosabay

If big , big ballin is yo hobbayyyy!!!!!.. SHOP FOR SHOES.. i mean I will be  virtual shopping shit I ain’t got no ends like that lol..

Mo’ Expensive shit for the Summer

gucci "iman" in mauve $1275

gucci "iman" in mauve $1275

There are 3 versions of this bad motherfucker , right chea!!!

Go to the next page and check out more Gucci stuff for this Summer.. by now you probably can’t get this shit .. but ya know as I always say.. “If you can” then DO..doo doo


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Knockin Bootz

The boot /pump/sandal trend is still going strong as indicated by Our favorite Kalaidescope ‘Kelis and the beat on yet beat  to death chanteuse ( i use the term loosely) Rhi-Rhi.. Observe these ladies steppin lively , Pregnant Kelis while hosting Damon Peruzzi’s birthday in LA, and Rhianna while stepping out for a late b-day bash with Jigga, Fem-bot Beyawnce , and BRandy at the Spotted Pig in NY…


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