Monday Nite DVR Madness..

Nancy Botwin and her mess has returned .. We will have full updates per week.. last nite was too uneventful we will start next week..OK.. LOL.. IT WILL BE CRACKIN BY THEN I AM SURE.. LOL

Let’s not forget about our new favorite Cancer Patient.. YUP LOOK LIKE IT’S CRACKIN ON SHOWTIME RIGHT NOW.. The Big C and Weeds starting Monday June 27, only on Showtime.. so pay your cable bill bitches…


how awesome is this… i been wondering where the hell Flaco Bey has been lol.. Well turns out, he is coming to the award winning Showtime situation “Dexter”    check out the Dexter blog for more info..   Aparrently Tom’s son Colin Hanks will also add to the cast as a nemesis to old Dexter so we most likely will watch young Colin get mirked .. We all know you don’t fuck with Dex lol..

I am obsessed with this show.. Since day one I have followed Dex as he maims and mangles those who need it.. Some niggaz are lucky I don’t know him lol.. At any rate Dante will portray an ex-con who has found religion but has  a wicked past .. oooohhh i can’t wait.. This fits perfectly because, the last time i saw him he was looking like an Imam at the mosque,  I was ready to grab my rug and Make Salat.          

Stay tuned for the 6th Season..of DEXTER  and stay posted here for more juicy deets..

in the meantime.. enjoy one of my fav’s from Mos.. Rock N’ Roll.. NOW


What to watch this Summer..

Nurse Jackie..

Edie Falco does it again by potrayin a new “Nurse Ratchett” ass bitch this time around.. check it out.. watch full episodes here>>>  Peep it on Showtime..  Nurse Jackie.. I can’t wait..



Perhaps someone needs to get the good nurse some herb and if this is the case, consult with our girl.. Nancy after the Jump.. yess Weeds is back!!!!!

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