Air Yeezy 2… The Shoes… It’s gotta be the shoes!!

Damnit .. word on the streets is that they have been released in Australia???  Take it over to to find out where the hell you can get them right now !!!! If that’s possible.. I know most of you had your eyes glued to Ye’s feet during the Watch The Throne tour.. Niggaz are going to be NEONED out on some TRON SHIT this summer LOL..  I believe they will price at about 139.00 to 150.00 .. GOOD LUCK HUNTING OUT THERE !!

Purple is Braaaaazeeeeee….

Purple Stuff

Purple Stuff

Looking for some new ALIFE  purple stuff.. well here ya go!!!

superbness is in search of the puuurrfect pair of purple kicks.. help her select and then paypal the ends.. oh yeah ya’ll niggaz are payin.. don’t just go straight to Vans.. spend a little lol..

alifepurpback Continue reading


These are not actually super new.. they were featured last spring in the YSL show, 08, however they are new to ya’ll… u know you have never seen them lol. if you have a pair … already.. then good for u.. as for the rest.. here is some dream material..

old design, new colorways.. well the green ones at least..

old design, new colorways.. well the green ones at least..

Yves Saint Laurent… u may argue amongst yourselves as to which colorways are new.. hell they have confused me.. I know for a fact I have spotted the pink and the yellow last year .. But YSL swears these are new for 09. Go figure..
images courtesy of  HighSnobiety, they are on the blog roll, i love those guys..



Apparently they done fucked up at the LOUIS VUITTON factory. MR. WEST is not happy with how the finished product turned out. I hear there were complaints about the tassles and the back of the white version is not high enough (heavy sigh). UGH OH!!!! KANYE has decided that these will not be released until they fix them according to his likings. So with that being said, you won’t be getting a pair of these…….ever!!!! Continue reading

West Coast Staple…

Here in Nitty Gritty LA City.. the OG Nike Cortez or runner is a favorite… among our well heeled Riders in these streets lol.. That sounded dramatic huh.. WE IN DESE STREETS WIT RUNNERS ON OUR FEET LOL.. anyhoo, tell Sherm Dog, OG PIt Pat, Tiny Flaco and Sleepy that the new “runners is out “.. Ay dog they ain’t got these at the Slauson so go to FLYLYF  to arm yourself with the information so you can style on em’ at the”Put ONs” this week..