See me wit a rag it’s only to wipe the fingerprints..

New video from The Tabernacle MCZ feat. West Coast Classic Aceyalone..

West West…….

These are our brothers here at Bamboobanga420..

Tabernacle MCZ consist of Panama Redd(Deacon Dwindle Duckets)  and Born Allah aka The Apostle, Sweet Daddy Grace . These men of the mic have come to resurrect the vintage bboy and abolish the new school of bullshit to hell LOL..


Come join the bredren in freeing your souls from that old rap and bullshit.. Check out the album B-BOY PROPHECIES: THE BOOK OF HIMOTHY on Itunes .

This is a classic with production by Lord Jamar, Sha-Fiq of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and guest appearances by Aceyalone, Medusa, Big Arch and K.I.T.S.. to name a few..  If you fuck with LA Underground.. This is what you need ..

This is sho nuff a classic.. so download that shit.. and save yourself from the pit of eternal wackness.. .. AMEN and pass the blunt to my nigga on the

The church of Hip Hop and Financial Prosperity, internalizes this, and proclaims that if in the beginning was the word, that the word had to be uttered by a M.C. That the Supreme Being is the ultimate master of ceremony. They also teach that God gave his only begotten son “The B-Boy”. Who performed the miracles that is known today as the four elements of Hip Hop; Graffiti, Break Dancing, DJ’ing, and MC’ing.

These Prophets and Messengers of Hip Hop feel that they have been brought forth to reveal to the world that the B-Boy has been crucified by poor talented rappers, who have long lost the true meaning of the art form.  Plus the music industry, who is responsible for diminishing the standards of the music for profit.

Expect a full interview with these cats shortly.. SUPPORT INDIE HIP HOP.. seriously..

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