and WE ARE BACK!!!


SO… we have been gone .. about a year .. but you know how we do… let’s jump right in .. yes we will get to the Kushington, and drink recipes and fashion and ALL A DAT..but first… WE DO IT FOR THE REALM !!!   these guys THE NEGUS have this awesome recap situation on Youtube LOL….. “DEM THRONES”… now if you didn’t see the devastation from last night…..  Get into these two lol.. they are hilarious with their Southern Charm and nuances hahahaha…. we love .. WELCOME BACK.. AND ENJOY!!!!!

Stand and Deliver…



…..but the No Doubt version’.. Now I am not a major fan of No Doubt and I am not  a hater.. I am just a sista who is up on Ms. Orange County’s ode to curved nails (a’la the ghetto) coupled with her second hand chola steezy seasoned with her 2 tonisms.. lol..  She put this shit together and now she is a fuckin “icon”. I ain’t fuckin with u though gWEN, me and my girlz are the authors of your style.. thank the hood bitch lol.. I rock my curved nails and I am labeled ghetto or non fashionable, U do it and you are a fuckin innovator.. (blank stare)..ANYYWAAYYZZ..LOL.. Read more about this song fuckery over at MTV.COM . Click over and get the real thang babay..

Adam and the Ants next page..

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Obama Comes To California


President Obama will tour Southern California on Wednesday and Thursday, with stops at town hall-style meetings in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa and a visit to ” The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” Obama’s visit is being touted by NBC as the first guest appearance on the show by a sitting president. Obama is expected to discuss the economy and how his administration is dealing with the global meltdown. Continue reading