Sound Bites: Wu-Tang Edition

Quick journey of a beat !!!!


First there was:

The Charmels: As Long as I Got You

Charmels 5

and then RZA went here it with it  C.R.E.A.M


and these dope dudes felt this way about it .. El Michels Affair ….C.R.E.A.M


( okay so obviously fools know this came from from 2009’s El Michels Affair’s “Enter the 37th Chamber Wu tribute album)  but lame ass Youtube wouldn’t let me share that one so here it is, from The Chef soundtrack lol..  but lowkey that  Chef soundtrack is good as hell .. so there’s that .. PEACE!!



Happy bornday Raekwon!!!

The Chef is cooking ..  Peace to the God and Have a Happy Born Day..

on this grand day of Knowledge Wisdom..

Now normally we go a little deeper than this as we have been fucking with Rae since Day one.. No time for a retrospective .. so let’s just hit ya’ll with the obvious.. FOR NOW LOL

Some Ice Cream with that Cake..

Rich and Black.. The Chef and Esco… Let’s Go..


just in time for the summer… this right hyeah is hotter than East Side Asphalt babay…

QueensBridge and Staten Island.. coming together like sweaty ass cheeks in the summer…

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