Grape-Skunk is  mostly indica. It has been bred from Super Skunk, Grapefruit and Blueberry and makes for a very exotic herb. It is quickly becoming one of the favorite strains for pot lovers! I highly reccomend this to any toker who is looking for something new! my score is a 9/10

The Banger Sisters will never post anything that we are not currently tokin’ and smokin’. If your a real burner you would know that skunk has not been on the scene for a minute. It was scarce seeing as how we’ve been kushed out the game for a minute. Well…..earlier last week the Banger Sisters took a lil trip to one of our favoite dispensaries and stumbled up on some GRAPE SKUNK. We had to cop that due to its rarity on the market. Needless to say we rolled it, lit it and blew it. It was FIRE. Me and Sis was rollin going to Hollywood to hang wit our sista Te’ , when all of a sudden we look over at one another and at the same time we both said “my head is tight…..dude this is a super strong head high.” We had to get more……matter of fact I’m filling my bowl now and this buds for you. lol.
By the way the Banger Sisters want you to know we do take weed submissions if you would like for us to sample your harvest and critique it. I’m just sayin……..

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