So Young.. So Promising.. (1/16/79– 8/25/01)

Yes the Anniversary was yesterday.. had technical difficulties and dammit this was done.. We gon’ celebrate babygirl all weekend dammit… OK…

I always liked Aaliyah..she was an innovator. I dare say if she were still alive a lot of chicks wouldn’t be eatin.. and a lot of what’s popular now in female R & B would probably never come to fruition.. Aaliyah Dana Haugton was not extra, just laid back and fun…  she was always.. COOL.. 10 years already ..DAMN!!

Bamboobanga420.. sends a special prayer and shout out to Ms. Aaliyah Haughton and her family..  Go to Itunes and buy all her her you loved her..

More video .. after the Kut!!

Look at young normal Lil Kim playin the heated girlfriend LOL..AAHH..

Some Super Vintage..We Miss you..AAliyah..

To the whole…  Timbaland/Missy/Ginuwine/Fatima/Playa etc..  squad they gets all the love too.. the music they were doing at this time was tremendous.. Prayers Up Baby Girl..and RIP Static Major too .. smh… from both of  The Banger Sisters @

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