ok god.. U CANNOT HAVE TONY!!!

I am late posting this because I am so upset …. not because it will affect tour plans.. not because it will affect the New Rick Rubin produced “Sabbath” record.. because it will do neither.. but because I fucking hate Cancer .. it has taken too many .. seriously..

Mr. Iommi is in good spirits and is currently working with a team of specialists to combat his early stages of lymphoma.. SMH..

Black Sabbath still has plans to continue work on their forthcoming album.  The first in 33 years. The tour is STILL slated to begin in May.  In the forthright words of Sebastian Bach.. “FUCK U CANCER”..

GOOD LUCK TONY.. WE ARE PRAYING FOR U!! Send well wishes to Tony on the Black Sabbath FAcebook Page…


more SAbbath

the master playing “Electric Funeral” one of my favorites.. and kick rocks if you think I am being funny.. There will be NO FUNERALS for Tony.. He will survive this..

War Pigs Live..

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