Buzz Balls.. this little bastard is wicked…

BuzzBalls2okay so these little suckers are cute.. they contain between 17 to 20% alcohol  in each can.. You have the choices of mixed drinks made with either vodka, tequila, rum or gin.. It is allegedly 100% FRUIT juice, contains less sugar than other leading mixed drinks and .. they won’t pop in the freezer.. I started this post LAST NITE .. HAHAH.. i am finishing .. the following afternoon.. Excuse my french : I WAS FUCKED UP .. now this could be because I don’t drink often.. but I do have a drank at least once a week.. so I am no newbooty..  The catch: they are only like 3 bucks.. and they don’t taste like rot gut..BUZZ GLASS I purchased the Lotta Colada .. and the Tequila Rita.. I sipped the Colada all nite.. I left that Tequila joint right in the freezer.. I mean it even made me place half my joint in the ashtray as I was really feelin it.. so much so that I got into this Doobie Brother / Hall and Oates playlist (okay i digress..another time) .. and then I don’t know what happened .. HAHAHAH.. anyhoo.. my final word.. I AM BUYING A CASE HAHAHA.. THEY ROCK.. but be careful.. don’t let the small appearance fool you .. These are stronger than what you may think..  Also don’t drink too many because you WILL feel a certain type of way in the AM.. If you are a lush and get drunk everyday well .. this might not be all that dramatic therefore IT’S PROBABLY CUTE .. FOR YOU..for me .. this will be for optional weekends only . . Pass the Kush ..ey day though .. LOL.


They also just introduced the Tropic Chillerz line.. which are orange wine based , sort of like coolers.. I will holla at those next.. I hear they are STRONGER than any cooler you may encounter…. but not quite the boot to the balls kick of the “mixed” drinks.

If you wanna learn more about these lil turnup nuggets.. Check out their site where you can also find a distributor or liquor store that sells them on your turf..   Until then .. Keep it here.. Keep tokin.. and Jah Bless.. xoxoxoxooxxo..

Enjoy some Doobie Brothers and Hall and Oates after the jump… I WAS ON… Minute by Minute ..By.. Minute.. LOL..

BuzzBalls buzzball

BuzzBallz Information Sheet_web

Here are the mixed Tropic Chillerz by the way.. an orange wine based fruit drink.. sorta like a Cooler.. they seem to have a little less kick.. that the standard mixed drink variety..


Now as promised.. here are some joints that provided the soundtrack for last nights FUCKERY..

Get into Darryl’s feather!!!!

Alright.. enjoy your weekend TurnUp!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Buzz Balls.. this little bastard is wicked…

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  2. I love your review…you sound like loads of fun. Im a fan of the”Buzz Balls” as well…three of them do the trick👍👍👍 I wish I could find out how to buy them by the case😁😁


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