What the Hell LMAO

okay so ummmm .. i have never even heard this sentiment live since I went to the HWA listening party back in “19 none of yo muhfuckin bizness”  i MEAN damn there are bitches at First King who have a little mo’ tact lol..Maan Brit Brit done got real bobo up in here talkin bout ..”mah pussay was hangin out”.  Honey I feel u , after dealing with mental issues, bad weaves , bad ass kids and a fucker for a baby daddy..   U know u just don’t mince words , Aww hell f*&^  it..grrll say what u mean!!!!!   and uh now might be a great time to address your costume dept.. u know that shit was too small lol

1 thought on “What the Hell LMAO

  1. Finse put me on to your site, I’m feelin’ the videos,interviews and I definitely anticipate looking for more sights ,sounds, info from you in the future. Keep the movement goin’. I’m wit you.


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