Dee and Ricky


These two young brothers are dope.  The “Heart” brooch as displayed on Kanye’s “Pee Wee Herman” Suit, on the cover of 808’s and Heartbreak”, is one of their classic pieces made from Lego’s.. They have very witty , little knick knacks and effects so you should check them out , Marc jacobs , Murakami, and Ye are fans so.. Yeah they are awesome……

and they are the cutest things lol . I believe they just turned 21…


Marc Jacobs used their lego belts in his runway show in like 2007 or 08, so these boys have been around despite their tender years lol.. They have cute belts from Etch a Sketches and lego bowties.. all types of shit check them out…

Dee and Ricky




Dee , Ricky and Marc Jacobs..

takashi murakami rockin the bowtie.....

takashi murakami rockin the bowtie.....

Go check out their website.. it’s dope. ..u can buy stuff what’s better than that lol….Sorry for the multiple pics in the gallery.. i fucked something up .

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