#1 adidas Originals House Party – Full Length


I’m sure by now we’ve all seen this ADIDAS commercial featuring ey’ body and they momma. The first time I saw this, I was totally stoked. I thought how dope is  to have a house party with all types of celebrity figures in it while promoting one of the greatest  brands in sneakers. But, more awesome then that is the song that was used for the actual commercial itself. To be honest everytime it comes on I jump up and start dancing and singing along. That track is so friggin hot. Like seriously….that’s that shit. It made the commercial itself all the more better just by using that particular song.  To be honest this is probably one of the dopest commercials I’ve seen thus far…..but on some artistic type ish. After watching it, doesn’t it make you wish that you were there….or like you missed a bomb ass house party (kinda like the ones that be going down at D.J. KIILU’S). Of course it does who are we kidding.

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 Well I hope ya’ll enjoy or have enjoyed this commercial video. The Banger Sisters would like to acknowledge guest appearances by : David Beckham, Young Jeezy, Estelle, Russell Simmons, Mef & Red, DMC, Missy, Pro-Skater Mark Gonzalez, Katie Perry and many more. clips from Lu’s party after the jump… yeah we were there .. it was just like this hahahaha…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dj Kiilu Keeps The Party LIve… K>P>L… now tell me doesn’t it look the same lol…

Thanks to Broccoli TV for providing this footage….

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